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Racing at the FCV is ability based. This year, we are returning to the "standard" Saturday night racing with both adults and youth racing based on how fast they are. If we get enough elite men or enough women, will run special catergories for these groups. However, adults and youth are welcome to register for every race night.

The FCV runs Controlled Rec Ride sessions in the mornings on Saturday. Therefore, out of town racers with experience racing elsewhere that want (and we do recommend) to get some time on the track to get used to the banking can come in the morning to ride. Your pre-registration for racing gains you access to the Controlled Rec Ride on the same day. The way the day is structured, you will be able to ride in the morning, head out around noon to get lunch, and come back for racing in the evening.

The FCV uses cross manager and chip timing for racing. Results are posted live as they happen at http://results.forestcityvelodrome.ca.

Yes. The track is available for warmup for a hour prior to the schedule race time. However, once racing starts, riders are expected to warm up on rollers.

FCV Racing is sanctioned as a citizen's event by the Ontario Cycling Association. As such, Ontario racers can race on a Citizen's Permit or a UCI license. The special track designation is not required (but recommended). US racers and out of province racers are required to hold UCI license to race. Blame the lawyers. That said, no unlicensed racers may race at the FCV. You must present your race license at registration.

FCV uses chip timing for scoring races and track riders in Controlled Rec Rides. As such, all racers are required to have a chip on their bike in order to race AND to ride at the FCV. FCV members must buy a timing chip and ride with it as proof of active membership. Visiting riders will be supplied a VISITOR timing chip for Controlled Rec Rides (if requested) and for racing. The timing chip is for scoring as well as identifying who you are during the race for the announcer. Racers without timing chips will simply be disqualified and pulled from the track.

If you have sufficient experience racing at the Milton Velodrome (or similar big track), your racing experience is all that is needed to race with us. That being said, because the track is small, we highly recommend racers pre-ride the track before racing to get some idea of the G-forces involved and riding etiquette. For example, most riders ride with speedometers on their bikes where they can see it so that can be assured they never go below 30km/h and risk falling off the track. We offer Controlled Rec Rides sessions all week including weekends for racers close enough to come out to ride. For out of town racers, we recommend coming to the track on race day early and ride one of the Controlled Rec Rides sessions in the morning. Prior to racing, there is always open track time for warmup, so you will also be able to get some experience riding at speed during the warmup. If you are unsure if you have enough racing experience, please contact the race director at racing@forestcityvelodrome.com.

Yes. Racing on the small track is a more intimate experience. Turns come at you about every 3-4 secs, and the g-forces in the corners can be intense. At 50km/h, we've been told you are pulling 5G's. This can make holding the black line difficult for the uninitiated. Coming off the rail at the start of the race is also different. You have to ride at 30km/h to stay on the track. You can be expect to be told to go FASTER if you ride too slow. Also, as some outside racers have discovered, you can't possible carry enough speed into corner 1 off the rail. At race start, all racers form a single paceline and drop to the cote (blue band) before entering corner 1. This also means you cannot ride under someone off the rail as it can lead to a crash.

Racing at Milton is ability based. A, B, and C categories. For the most part, the categories match the FCV categories. If you race track OCUP races, you should consider either A or B category even if you race in CAT3. Generally, A cat is for Jr/E1/2/3/M1/2 type racers and fast youth. B is faster youth, E3/M3 adults, and others that would otherwise struggle in A group. C category is for everyone else and anyone new to racing at the FCV. Riders will be promoted or downgraded during the race event at the discetion of the race directory or team coaches. Our goal is for everyone to have fun and race within their abiltiy. It's no fun for everyone if you can lap the field in every race or no fun for you if you are  dropped in every race.