$1500 raised in the Tour de Trilliums

For those that missed it, it was a great ride yesterday at the Huestons on the Tour de Trilliums. Lots of riders and a picture perfect weather day. We raised a combined total of $1500...

Velodromes, Cycling and Delhi

Click HERE for an interesting article by Doug Corner...

Monday Sports Paceline

Mondays have been set for a Sports Paceline session. While the weather is getting better, its not exactly stellar. So, Mondays from 6pm-8:30pm, Killian will be running a sports...

Summer schedule

The summer schedule is in force. The only remaining rec ride will be Tuesday evenings. Youth training takes to the road on Saturday mornings unless it's raining. Wed evening...

New Laps System

The new laps system connected to the timing system has been placed online. Timing chips are available from your session leader at the introductory price of $10. At some point, we...

Article: Little London Track Remains Vital to Cycling Canada's Plans

Last Wednesday, the London Free Press was at the track taking photos and video for a story. Ben Hill did a great job of representing the FCV. Thanks to the riders that came out and...

Aylmer Express Results available

Race results are available at RACE RESULTS. Please check them out.

Race Schedule for Aylmer Express Special available

The schedule for this sat's race night, the Aylmer Express Special, is now online.

The race schedule is as follows: MORE

Race Registration online! Schedule Finalized!

The race schedule for 2015/2016 has been finalized. The dates are Nov 21, Dec 12, Dec 19, Jan 23, Feb. 6, and Mar 26. Registration is by pre-registration online for $30 or $40 day of....

Veloswap set for Dec 12 10am-4pm

We are holding our Veloswap event on Sat. Dec 12 at 10am-4pm. For $10, get or bring a table to sell your gear. To attend the event, make a donation (suggested donation $10). See MORE

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