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Forest City Velodrome offers riders of all ages & abilities a venue to ride recreationally, improve health and fitness and develop cycling skills. Welcome to Ontario’s most exciting cycling experience!

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Forest City Velodrome.

The Velodrome is a great place to socialize. Sometimes I’ll Spend 2 Hours talking to people & only ride for 15 mins. As long as my wife doesn’t check Strava, she thinks I’m exercising.



“The Forest City Velodrome is a place where people of all ages & abilities can come & enjoy the thrill of riding the track. From our Velokids program to our structured training program, everyone is sure to find a session that can work for them. Come on out & ride with us!”



Forest City Velodrome
The Most Exciting Cycling in Ontario

Forest City Velodrome offers races for riders at every ability level, so no matter where your preference may lie, there will always be something new waiting around each corner.

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From the beginner to the elite level, athletes are all seeking their own form of blissful relief from life's pressures through passion & community.

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Did You Know FCV offers a Kids Program? Get your children involved in a truly one-of-a-kind experience! Learn more today.


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