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Benefits of Fixed Gear Cycling and Velodrome Riding

Fixed Gear Bicycle

Benefits of Fixed Gear Cycling and Velodrome Riding

As a cyclist, there are few things as exhilarating as riding fast down a velodrome. With no brakes and only you’re pedals to slow you down, it’s a rush like no other. In this blog post, we’ll look at what fixed gear velodrome riding is all about and give you some tips on how to get started. So, if you’re ready for an adrenaline rush, keep reading!

 What is Fixed Gear Cycling?

Fixed gear cycling is a type of cycling where the rider only has one gear, and that gear is fixed to the pedals. This means that there is no coasting and that the cyclist must pedal constantly to move. Fixed gear cycling can be a great way to get around town, as well as improve your fitness and biking skills. In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of fixed gear cycling so that you can decide if it is right for you

Benefits of Fixed Gear

There are many benefits to cycling Fixed Gear. For one, Fixed Gear Cycling is said to be more efficient than traditional cycling because there is no coasting – you are always pedaling. This can also make cyclists more powerful, as they learn to use all their muscles to power the bike forwards. Additionally, Fixed Gear Cycling can improve your balance and handling skills since you have to constantly keep track of the pedals and handlebars while riding. Finally, Fixed Gear enthusiasts often find the experience more mentally stimulating and engaging than traditional cycling – which may be why it has become so popular in recent years. If you’re looking for a new challenge in cycling, or if you’re interested in trying out this growing trend, Fixed Gear Cycling is worth a try. Below is a list of benefits:

  • Greater pedal efficiency
  • Better workout
  • Fixed gear bikes are lightweight and easy to carry
  • They require very little maintenance

Best Fixed Gear Track Bikes 2022

Fixed gear bikes can become very expensive so we have compiled a list of affordable entry-level fixed gear bikes that can ride with the best of them. We have compiled a list of the best available fixed gear track bikes in 2022:

 Where to Purchase Fixed Gear Bicycles?

There are a variety of online retailers that offer fixed-gear bicycles in the US and Canada. We suggest checking out some local retailers that specialize in providing high-quality bicycles at affordable prices. Below is a list of local retailers from the London area, we suggest you check them out!

Velodrome Riding

Riding on a Velodrome is one of the most exciting experiences a cyclist can have. A Velodrome is an oval-shaped track that is used for bicycle racing. Velodromes are made of wood or concrete, and they vary in length from 200m to 500m. There are two types of Velodrome tracks – indoor and outdoor. Velodrome riding is a great way to improve your cycling skills, as well as get a workout. If you want to learn more or are interested in trying out velodrome riding, click the link below