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The Forest City Velodrome welcomes riders of all abilities to come and try the track. After successful completion of the introductory session, the track program users can sign up for a membership. Below is a list of frequently asked questions if you cant find an answer to your question contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Isn't the Forest City Velodrome track to short?

“I’ve heard you can barely get up any speed on the straights before you have to slow down for the corners.” It’s not humanly possible to ride a bike so fast that it will skid around the velodrome’s corners, even at the tightest radius (in the pole lane). To those who have made this complaint we have only one thing to say: What are you slowing down for? Go for it!

I enjoy riding road/off road/trails. Why would I want to ride the track instead?

There are few things that beat the thrill of riding on the track, particularly a fully enclosed track like FCV. No hills, no headwinds, no rain, no snow or ice, and a perfectly smooth surface make for a fast, effortless ride. Plus, you don’t have all that metal whizzing past your left ear. Nothing gets in your way, not even the turns, which are banked so you ride around them as fast as you can ride your bike on the straights. you need to be sure there isn’t anything embarrassing hidden in the middle of text.

Can I ride my own bike at the track?

A bike acceptable for use on the track cannot have brakes and must have a fixed gear. There has to be enough clearance for a 2×4 wooden stud set on its end to fit between the bottom of the pedal and the ground when the bike is upright and the pedal is in its lowest position. The bike must have dropped the handlebars. If it has quick-release hubs the levers must be taped to the frame. Track bikes of various sizes are available for rental

I don't race isn't the track for racers?

Most of the FCV members are recreational riders and the majority of the track time is reserved for recreational sessions. Plus, the track is congenial for group rides. No one gets dropped who doesn’t end up back in front of the pack after a few laps and no one has to ride beyond their limits or limp home after a long ride. The infield is always there for a drink, a rest, and hobnobbing with others.

But isn't the track a dangerous place to ride?

There are dangers involved in riding track, as there are in all forms of cycling. On the plus side, you won’t get hit by a car, you won’t fall off a cliff or skid into a tree, and you won’t have a riding partner slam on their brakes in front of you. FCV staff supervise the track at all times and are committed to ensuring that everyone has the proper training and rides safely.

How do I contact you?

The Forest City Velodrome is a volunteer organization. As such, we do not have any customer service staff to work a phone. We respectively request that you email us. If you would like a callback, please send us your phone number, and one of our volunteers will get back to you. Please allow 24-48hrs for any return communication.