Patrick's Beans

Patrick's Beans supplies coffee for our coffee sales fundraising campaign. The FCV receives five dollars for every bag of coffee sold through the program. Bags are $15 per pound. Coffee is roasted on Wednesdays and delivered to us on Thursday morning. Members typically take delivery of their bags Thursdays through Saturdays.

MEC London

MEC London joined us recently. They support our members special member shopping nights, bring products to help stock our Veloswap events, and much more.

SpeedPro Graphics London

Chris Vlemmix of SpeedPro London is another long term member of the track. Chris and his company provide printing and graphics services to the track. He has assisted us with creating a logo and developing cycling kits for our members amoungst other things.


Alymer Express

John Hueston and the Hueston family operate Alymer Express, a printing and newspaper company in Alymer, ON. John has been a long term member of the track and provides printing services to us. He also runs the Three Port Tour in late August every year in support of the Forest City Velodrome. 

Start Communications

Start Communications provides us with our DSL connection. Without them, we could not provide internet access to our users, race timing data uploaded as racing happens, streaming audio from race nights, and uploading of the timing system's data to the internet. The service they provide is invalueable.