Volunteers. The Forest City Velodrome is a volunteer run organization that has a host of volunteers responsible for keeping the track running. Notwithstanding that each member usually helps out in someway from sweeping the floor to putting a rental bike back, we have an volunteer management team and group of session leads that keep the track open and running. Below is list of members that are active on the FCV Board of Directors, are actively running sessions, or keeping the FCV running.

Ben Hill

Secretary. Ben is active member and a good sprinter, of course, like any sprinter, he's only good for five laps then tends to help his kids get the most of track riding and racing. You can find Ben at any number of OCA and FCV races as Ben is a licensed OCA Commissaire for both Road and Track. In his spare time, Ben is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Western University in London.

Rob Fournier

Board Member. Rob works with the maintainance team at the University of Western Ontario and heads the maintenance activities at the track. Rob has been a volunteer at the track since it's inception and has taught most of the board members how to ride a track bike, recently taking a lead roll in running the track 1 intro program. You can find Rob riding bikes and looking for his reading glasses at the Controlled Rec Rides on Sundays and Tuesdays where he has to try to read the computer screen in the infield.


John Hueston

Board member. John is a long standing member of the FCV and owner of the Alymer Express, a newspaper and print company in Alymer, ON. John  & his company are valued sponsors of the track providing banners and various printed products for some time. With the help of his family John runs the legendary Three Port Tour that runs on the third Saturday in August - a significant portion of the proceeds of this ride are donated to the FCV each year.  You can find John helping run the Controlled Rec Rides on Saturday mornings wtih a small team of volunteers. John is noted for owning two track bikes: one with his warm up gear, and one for his riding gear.

Mark Buckaway

Webmaster/Computer Guy/Race Director/Sessions Leader. If it involves a computer, most likely Mark has his hands in it. Mark started riding at the FCV in 2010 as a way to avoid riding his trainer, and has been driving back and forth to London from Toronto, and now Milton, since then (long before anyone in Milton knew what a track bike was). Mark maintains the FCV's website and looks after the computer systems, including the new timing system, wi-fi and webcam running at the track. Mark has run sessions at the FCV including the Sadistic Saturday sessions as well as being a session leader for various Controlled Rec Rides in the past. Mark is a computer programmer by trade and has programmed just about every type of computer system and computer language on the planet. However, like any computer guy, don't ask him for computer advice....he comes to the track to ride his bike.

Craig Saari

President. Craig is the president of our board of directors. While a closet pro-cyclist racing under a M1 racing license, he is a teacher by day for the Thames Valley District School Board. If anyone has patience to deal with people...it's Craig.  From his experience in the school yard, Craig is a master is of getting people to play nice with each other. Craig can be found at the FCV riding on weekends and helping run the track 1 sessions. If you have any concerns, Craig is more than happy to address them. You can reach him at president at forestcityvelodrome dot ca.

Art Adams

Youth Development Coach.  Art is no stranger to competition, having competed in motorcycle road racing, mountain bike racing and bicycle road racing. A trained NCCP competition coach, Art is currently working on his Competition Development certification. In his capacity as coach for Team Kallisto-FCV, Art has attended almost all of the track and road Ontario Youth Cup and O-Cup events over the last 3 years, as well as coaching teams at Tour of Rimouski, Killington Stage Race, Intelligentsia Cup, Centurion U23 Prospect Challenge, Ontario Summer Games, Provincials and Nationals. Art can regularly be found blowing the whistle at the 3 structured youth training sessions scheduled each week and the introductory VeloKids session on Saturdays.

Janet Mason

Treasurer. Janet is a long time active member of the FCV being introduced to the track through her daughter Sarah and son Cameron who trained and raced at the FCV for some time. Janet has a reputation for no nonsense and an affinity for numbers. She has recently taking an active roll in cycling and become an avid recreational track cyclist.  You can usually find Janet at Controlled Rec Rides.