Track Records
Forest City Track Records          
  Girls Boys Girls Boys YOUTH YOUTH  
  U-11 U-11 U-13 U-13 U15 Women U15 Men  
Flying Lap 14.08 11.17 11.60 10.21 9.622 8.960  
  Jessica Gregory Kyle Wammes Maya Neumann Liam Langford Katherine Marentette Tyler Rorke  
  Jan 1/15 Feb 23/13 Feb 23/13 Jan 1/15 July 30/11 Feb 26/17  
Stdg Lap 19.21   17.97 15.62 16.51 13.55  
  Jessica Gregory   Ema Jokic Dylan Bibic Nia Byway Tyler Rorke  
  Jan 1/15   Jan 1/15 Jan 1/15 Feb 22/14 Feb 26/17  
500m 53.85 45.51 46.35 44.11 38.59


Flying Jessica Gregory Liam Langford Linda Nagelhout Dylan Bibic Nia Byway Tyler Rorke  
  Feb 22/14 Feb 23/13 Feb 23/13 Jan 1/15 Feb 22/14 Feb 26/17  
500m 57.52 48.23 48.60 41.53 40.63 37.96  
Standing Ella Parteger Nathan Andreola Claire Holden Dylan Bibic Ruby West Lucas Taylor  
  Jan 1/15 Feb 23/13 Mar 5/11 Jan 1/15 27-Sep-13 27-Sep-13  
Stdg 1.56.63 1.41.59 1.41.00 1.31.78 1.27.67 1.22.83  
Kilo Jessica Gregory Nathan Andreola Maya Neumann Liam Langford Nia Byway Tyler Rorke  
  Feb 22/14 Feb 23/13 Feb 23/13 Jan 1/15 Feb 22/14 Feb 26/17  
2000m         2:52:51 2:43:35  
          Ruby West Chris Ernst  
          28-Sep-13 28-Sep-13  
3000m           5.42.84  
            Paul Orphan  
  CADET CADET Jr Women Jr Men      
  U17 Women U17 Men U-19 U-19 Sr Women Senior Men Masters
Flying Lap 9.190 8.26 8.99 7.884 8.78 7.78 8.05
  Charlotte Creswicke Connor Byway Kristen Sears Kristofer Ovsenek Candice Vermeulen Allan Leparskas Gord Singleton
  Jan 1/15 Feb 23/13 Aug 5/12 July 30/11 Sept 28,2013 Aug 13/08 Sept 24/06
  14.32 13.74 15.27 13.75      
Stg Lap Charlotte Creswicke Lucas Taylor Farleigh Creswicke Bayley Simpson      
  Jan 1/15 Jan 1/15 Jan 1/15 Jan 1/15      
500m 35.28 31.48 35.14 30.23 36.95 33.33 32.71
Flying Emma Lazenby Connor Byway Katherine Maine Bayley Simpson Heather Logan Keith Thorarison Gord Singleton
  Feb 26/17 Feb 23/13 Feb 22/14 Jan 1/15 Nov 17/07 18-Feb-06 18-Feb-06
500m 39.69 35.45 39.13 35.13 38.21 35.58 35.88
Standing Charlotte Creswicke Kristofer Ovsenek Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renauld Jeremy Lacasse Sarah Byers Joe Veloce Mike Nuttall
  Jan 1/15 Oct 16/10 Jan 30/2009 Feb 23/13 27-Sep-13 Nov 17/07 Oct 16/10
Kilo 1.21.78 1:11.68 1.19.03 1.10.20 1.19.76 1:10:34 1.21.92
  Naomi DeSousa Alex Cataford Katherine Maine Joe Veloce Joanna Wiersma Jordan Broad Mark Buckaway
  Feb 22/14 Oct 10/09 Feb 22/14 Aug Feb 9/08 27-Sep-13 May 3/14
2000m 2.45.70 2.27.18 2.42.49 2.23.35 2.42.31 2.27.85 2:31.87
  Ali Vanyzendoorn Connor Byway Katherine Maine Bayley Simpson Stephanie Bester Ed Veal Mike Nuttall
  Jan 1/15 28-Sep-13 Feb 22/14 Jan 1/15 Aug 5/12 Aug 5/12 Oct 16/10
3000m   3:43.43 4:12.91 3.41.95 4.05.4 3:39.61 3:54.26
    Alex Cataford Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renauld Ryan Aitcheson Joanna Wiersma Danielle DeFranceschi Thomas Wood
    Oct 10/09 Jan. 30/09 June 1/08 June 1-07 Jan 30/09 Jan 30/09
4000m           4:52:55  
            Ed Veal  
Racing Information

The FCV has a great calendar of races lined up for the 2016/17 season - please see the Youth - "Young Guns"  Series and the  Elite/Masters/Rookies Racing Series - we hope to have a set of Learn to Race nights to help everyone get going fast. The feature race of the season is the Mary Kelly 100 in memory of Mary Kelly, a long time volunteer of the FCV. The Mary Kelly is a 100 lap feature race for Women only, it is scheduled for Sunday Nov 20th at 3pm.   Prizes and poduims will be available.

Watch this page and the Latest News one the website for updates.



Learn to Race

The Forest City Velodrome is a great learning environment that enables riders to learn to fast where coaches can work closely with riders. Unlike the big tracks, the FCV is a small track where the coach on the infield has full view of the riders and can easily communicate with them as they strut their stuff on the track. Approximately once per month prior to a Saturday racing event, the Learn to Race series takes riders with no or little racing experience onto the track and teaches them everything: from going to the rail the first time, to winning the various types of races on the track. Experienced riders and coaches are on hand to ease the transistion from easy riding to going full out on an attack.

The goal of the series is to build the local track racing community by providing rookies easy entry into the Masters and Rookies racing series as well as giving youth riders an opportunity to get used to riding at speed and in crowds.

Sessions will be posted shortly. Please stay tuned for additional information.


Young Guns Race Series

The Forest City Velodrome has a strong youth membership where we take newer riders and train them to go fast. The Youth Series is an ability, not age based, series where riders with the help of their coaches pick they category based on speed and endurance.  This allow racers of different abilties to race together and gain experience and speed. Racing categories will be A, B, C, and D so that even the youngest riders in their first year can get some experience racing. Races will be open to all youth track racers in Ontario and abroad. We hope to see 50 youth race at each event. 

The race calender is as follows:

  • Sat. November 5 2:30-5:30pm
  • Sun November 27 2:00-5:00pm
  • Sun December 18 3:00-5:30pm
  • Sat January 21 3:00-5:30pm
  • Sun February 19 3:00pm-5:30pm
  • Sun February 26 3:00pm-5:30pm  TT Events/Track Records day

All races are sanctioned by the Ontario Cycling Association as a citizens event. However, the FCV has it's own insurance plan, as such, out of province racers are no longer required to have a UCI license. Your domestic license is sufficient.

Each night racers will participate in scratch, points, elimination, and tempo (point a lap) races. Last man standing races will finish each afternoon (time permitted). All races will be run on abiltiy based categories and distances will be set to the level of each category. Podiums and prizes will be available depending on the number of registrants.


  • Scratch - a set number of laps based on ability
  • Points - a set number of laps based on ability with sprints after x (typically 5 or 10 laps)
  • Elimination - aka Miss and Out, last rider crossing the finish line every three laps is eliminiated
  • Tempo - lead rider scores a point on every lap, 4 points for lapping the field