Q. Is there open track time on race day to get used to the track?

The FCV runs Controlled Rec Ride sessions in the mornings on Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, out of town racers with experience racing elsewhere that want (and we do recommend) to get some time on the track to get used to the banking can come in the morning to ride. Your pre-registration for racing gains you access to the Controlled Rec Ride on the same day. The way the day is structured, you will be able to ride in the morning, head out around noon to get lunch, and come back afterwards to watch the Young Guns race or for race warmup (for afternoon race events).

Q. What is the Race Training session? Can I book a Race Training session for my club?

The Race Training session is a special racing session held when the need arises, typically, when enough people indicate they would like to get some experience racing at the FCV. The session runs racing in a non-competitive environment running the same races as any race night without the DJ and announcer. Races are scored by the timing system and results are posted online as racing happens. If you are interested in a race training session or your club would like to book a private race training session, please contact racing@forestcityvelodrome.com. Race training sessions typically run on Saturday evenings or Sunday afternoons. For more information Race Training sessions, please see HERE.

Q. I am a fast Junior/U17 racer, can I race the Adult racing series?

U17 and U19 racers with sufficient skill and speed may race with the adults with permission of the race director. Please email racing@forestcityvelodrome.com. Select Kallisto-FCV team members can expect to be invited to race.

Q. What categories will be racing?

Racing the FCV is ability based. Generally, we offer, A, B, and C groups which depend on experience and speed. Racers are to self-select their category at time of race registration. A group racers are typically Elite and fast Master riders (E1/2, M1). B group are typically newer Elite riders and experienced Masters (E3/4, M2/3). C group is recent graduates of our Learn to Race program or racers with limited race skill or speed. Racers consistently winning races in their category can expect to bumped up a category, and racers consistently getting dropped from the pack or not finishing races can expect to be pushed down a category. If there are sufficient women registered for a race event, we will have a separate category for women.

For our Youth racers, please check with your coach for the best group to race in. A, B, C, and D groups are available.

Q. How is racing different the FCV?

Track racing is meant to be a show for the audience. It's fast paced with little down time between races. Racing at the FCV is like that. We play music, generally programmed by our DJ, and have an annoucer to keep everyone informed of what is happening. Last year, we added putting the audience portion of the program online for all to enjoy, and this season we will try to make a video live stream happen.

Q. Is there track time available for warmup?

Yes. Typically, the track is available for warmup for a hour prior to the schedule race time. However, once racing starts, riders are expected to warm up on rollers.

Q. I have never raced on the track, how do I get started?

To race at the FCV requires experience riding the track at high speed in a group. To get started, all riders must go through the process of Track 1 and Track 2 and have attended at least 10 or more of the structured training sessions. To those with experience road racing: road racing is quite different that racing on the track and track racing involves a new skillset. Fit road racers are expected to give themselves sufficient time learn track racing skills and should have attended at least one Learn to Race or Race Training session prior to registering for racing. No inexperienced riders will be permitted to race at the FCV. This is all about keeping racing safe. Contact racing@forestcityvelodrome.com if you are unsure if you qualify.

Q. Do I need a UCI Track racing license to race at the FCV?

FCV Racing is sanctioned as a citizen's event by the Ontario Cycling Association; however, the FCV has it's own insurance program and does not require racers to hold a UCI license. That being said, we require a minimum of a "domestic license" by your home licensing body. For Ontario racers, this means a Citizen's Permit. For US racers, this means a domestic license. No unlicensed racers may race at the FCV.

Q. Do I have to buy a timing chip for racing?

FCV uses chip timing for scoring races and track riders in Controlled Rec Rides. As such, all racers are required to have a chip on their bike in order to race AND to ride at the FCV. FCV members are must buy a timing chip as proof of active membership. Visiting riders will be supplied a VISITOR timing chip for Controlled Rec Rides and for racing. You will be called off the track if you are found to not have a timing chip on your bike.

Q. How much does it cost to race at the FCV?

Racing at the FCV costs $30CND and it includes access to any Controlled Rec Rides happening that day. The early bird registration price is $25 (Save $5!!) and applies if you register 7 days or more be before an event. Save some money and register early. Registration closes one day before the event and there is a $5 late fee for registering the day before. Day of registration is available by it is $40 and cash online. Please re-register! It helps us organize the best event possible!

Also, rider for free that day if you pre-register for racing. If you are not a member of the FCV, please print of your race registration to show the sessions leader to access any Controlled Rec Rides on race day. FCV members are further required to purchase a timing chip.

Q. I've raced at the Milton Velodrome or other 250m or greater track, what does it take to be able to race at the FCV? Is certification required?

If you have sufficient experience racing at the Milton Velodrome (or similar big track), your racing experience is all that is needed to race with us. That being said, because the track is small, we highly recommend racers pre-ride the track before racing to get some idea of the G-forces involved and riding etiquette. For example, most riders ride with speedometers on their bikes where they can see it so that can be assured they never go below 30km/h and risk falling off the track. We offer Controlled Rec Rides sessions all week including weekends for racers close enough to come out to ride. For out of town races, we recommend coming to the track on race day early and ride one of the Controlled Rec Rides sessions in the morning. Prior to racing, there is always open track time for warmup, so you will also be able to get some experience riding at speed during the warmup. If unsure of you have enough racing experience, please contact the race director at racing@forestcityvelodrome.com.

Q. Is the small track, 138m, any different that racing elsewhere?

Yes. Racing on the small track is a more intimate experience. Turns come at you about every 3-4 secs, and the g-forces in the corners can be intense. At 50km/h, we've been told you are pulling 5G's. This can make holding the black line difficult for the uninitiated. Coming off the rail at the start of the race is also different. You have to ride at 30km/h to stay on the track. You can be expect to be told to go FASTER if you ride too slow. Also, as some outside racers have discovered, you can't possible carry enough speed into corner 1 off the rail. At race start, all racers form a single paceline and drop to the cote (blue band) before entering corner 1. This also means you cannot ride under someone off the rail as it can lead to a crash.