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Try the Track

Join Us on the track for a thrilling day! Only $40 to try out Ontario’s most exciting cycling experience! This amazing experience includes:

  • Instructions on how to properly ride the track and rider etiquette¬†
  • You will receive a 2 hour orientation & training session

Additionally, Multi-session Try the Track packages include, 4 additional passes for beginner recreation rides at $80 per multi-session pass.


Join & Ride All Year Long

What you will get:

Access to all scheduled track sessions

Year long membership (Oct 1 to Sept 30)

Store your personal track bike at the track

(Must have completed Try the Track)

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Join Velokidz

Try a training program just for kids! For $150 children 7 and up may participate in a weekly scheduled developmental session.

Our Training

FCV is open year round for riding and training sessions typically run through fall to early spring. Riding fixed gear develops leg speed and strength, and riding with others on the track develops quick reactions, powerful acceleration, and quick recovery time. Training sessions focus on drills to improve rider strength, speed, fitness, as well as tactics and bike handling skills. Whether you want to improve your sprint or your endurance, shorten your recovery time or develop quick reactions to attacks, learn to spin while out of the saddle or get comfortable working in close quarters in mass start races, the track is the place to go.