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January 2, 2019
Track Attack Triple Challenge
January 6, 2019

Track Attack 100km Challenge


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The 100K challenge. For anyone experience at the FCV we all know that 100Kms on the track is a challenge. A challenge that we should all try at an event like this. For a minimum donation of $300.00 you will have three and half hours to complete your challenge. We will have energy bar, gels water etc. to support your challenge.

How you get the money is none of our business. However, we suggest asking friends and family to sponsor you. Ask for 10 cents per lap, 725 laps on the black is 100 Kms. 4 friends at $75.00 pays your entrance for the 100k challenge.


11a-2:30p, 3p-6:30p, 7p-10:30p, 7a-10:30a