Track Attack 100km Challenge
January 6, 2019
The Real Deal!
January 6, 2019

Track Attack Triple Challenge


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The Triple. So, you think you’re a pro?? You’re gonna leave the 100Km challenge to the “old guys with dad bods?” Good for you. Now is your time to shine. 300Kms is a challenge on the road let alone the track. Donate $600.00 or more and you can have 10 hours of track time to complete your challenge. Bonus cred if you start the challange at 1am!

How you get the money is none of our business. However, we suggest asking friends and family to sponsor you. Ask for 4 cents per lap, 2200 laps on the black is 300 Kms. 7 friends at $85.00 pays your entrance for the 300km challenge. But don’t stop there, get all your friends to support you and raise as much as you can!


11a-9p, 2p-12p, 1a-11a