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Safety & Liability

Our Risk Management Plan

  • This Risk Management Plan is distributed to all members via periodic newsletter, on our website, and at the Velodrome.
  • The FCV must receive signed insurance waivers from each FCV member; membership is not assigned or granted until a signed waiver is received by the FCV.

Standards of Care

  • This Risk Management Plan and all FCV programs and rides shall adhere to the following, as applicable:
    • UCI, CCA, CC rules and regulations as they pertain to FCV Rides.

General Safety

  • All members of the FCV are responsible for bringing forward to the FCV Board any safety issues related to FCV Rides and/or facilities that present themselves throughout the riding season.
  • Any FCV member on an FCV Ride should immediately advise the session leader(s) and other members of the ride should the member feel the group or individuals in the group are riding in an unsafe manner. The member should withdraw from the ride if they feel unsafe.
  • All participants of the FCV Rides must provide proof of membership in good standing prior to each ride if requested by the ride coordinator. If an ineligible rider insists on participating even after being asked not to, then the FCV ride may proceed, however, the ride coordinator shall advise the ineligible rider, with a witness present, that he or she is ineligible and is not covered by any FCV insurance and is responsible for all his/ her actions.
  • Each FCV Ride participant will conduct themselves in a responsible manner and retains liability for their own actions.
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Ride in Safety


  • Helmets must be worn at all times on FCV activities. The FCVs operates both competitive and non-competitive events according to their established risk management procedures designed to reduce the possibility of accidents.
  • All participants are hereby informed that the ultimate responsibility for safety rests with the individuals.
    Session Leaders
  • A session leader will be appointed by the FCV Board for each FCV Ride. The session leader will identify himself/herself to the group so that everyone is aware of who is coordinating the ride. The session leader may describe and enforce any rules in effect for that ride.
  • The session leader(s) has the final decision on all matters pertaining to the FCV Ride and his/her decisions must be respected by all participants. The session leader may appoint a designate should the session leader be unable to attend a FCV Ride.
  • Session leaders will carry cell phones for emergency use on all FCV Rides and, from time to time, will remind riders to carry their own cell phones on FCV Rides. Riders should immediately call 911 in the event of an emergency.


  • When a large number of riders come out for any given FCV Ride ride, the riders will be encouraged by the ride coordinator to break into smaller groups. A size of 6-12 is a reasonable group.
  • FCV members are responsible for ensuring that their bicycle is in good working order before attending each FCV Ride.
  • Bicycle helmets must be worn at all times while participating in any FCV ride; both infield and on the track, and other protective equipment is strongly encouraged (e.g., gloves, eyewear).
  • FCV members are responsible for ensuring they are sufficiently fit for their desired activity.
  • FCV members are responsible for bringing sufficient liquids and food, as required, for each FCV Ride, as well as appropriate tools/ spare tubes, etc.
  • FCV members are not to be under the influence of any drug or beverage product that could impair their riding judgment while on an FCV Ride.
  • Any and every accident on an FCV Ride shall be immediately reported to an FCV Board member to be reported to the Provincial Cycling Association through the proper reporting procedures and forms provided by CC. The list of Board members can be found on the FCV website.
  • For non-members wishing to try out an FCV Ride, the FCV will have designated try-out dates where an individual can try out the FCV on a one-time basis. Please see Track 1 information on our website.

Skills Development

  • The FCV encourages all riders to be comfortable and proficient with track riding before joining a FCV ride.
  • To support rider skills development, the FCV has a variety of sessions with progressive skill requirements as well as skills and drill development sessions. We encourages all FCV members to attend these programs and / or other cycling skills courses.
  • Riders are required to complete a skills development program (Track 1) before attending regular scheduled FCV rides. Track 2 is required for sportif and race training sessions.


  1. All FCV members must complete the Provincial/Cycling Canada waiver prior to obtaining membership. This can be done through the provincial membership registration site. Physical waivers may be approved with prior consent. Physical waivers for participants under the age of 19 are required to be sent in to the OCA office, completed by a parent or legal guardian prior to membership being issued.
  2. Do not alter the waiver in any way, specifically the language or spacing. Paper waivers must be submitted on the appropriate sized paper (8.5 X 11)
  3. FCV members under the age of 18 when joining the FCV must have an adult (18 years or older) complete the waivers. It must be signed by the parent or legal guardian.
  4. Waivers will be stored at the Provincial office for a minimum of 7 years, to ensure that they can be accessed if legal action is taken against the FCV. Waivers are crucial in defending the FCV and the Provincial Association and CC during litigation.
  5. Failure to obtain waivers from all members of the FCV will place the FCVs insurance coverage at risk.