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Velokids membership is a program designed to inspire youth to explore the world of track cycling and all that it has to offer.

Velokids Membership Discover the Magic.

Why Choose Velokids?

The Velokids team is passionate about helping kids aged 7 to 16 years old get started in track cycling. We are the only kid’s track cycling program within 100 KM that provides access to world-class facilities, coaching and resources. Whether your child is new to cycling or a seasoned Velodrome pro, Velokids provides something for everyone. By enrolling your child in Velokids, they will gain access to exclusive resources like specialized training programs tailored to their skill levels, free equipment rentals, and the opportunity to connect with other young cyclists in their community. The Velokids memberships focus on community & cycling development. Velokids is truly the perfect way for your child to explore the vibrant world of track riding. Upon completion of Velokids, your child will qualify for a student membership and be ready to ride. Most importantly, Velokids is a safe environment for your child to explore their love of cycling with other fellow Velokids, your child will be able to grow and progress at their own pace! Come join us today and see what Velokids can do for your family!

Velokids Membership Package
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Price Per Membership: $150

The first session is always free, so be sure to bring a friend so they can see what it’s all about. Once you are ready to sign up, registration is completed through CCN Bikes.

Membership Details

Velokids graduates are a special breed. They have worked hard to achieve their goals and have demonstrated a passion for riding that sets them apart. When they complete Velokids, they qualify for a Student/Youth membership with Velokids, which gives them access to exclusive resources and opportunities to advance their riding skills even further.

Velokids focuses not only on developing your child's cycling skills but also their personal growth as an athlete and as a contributing member of society. Velokids connects young cyclists with their peers in the local community, providing them with a supportive network of like-minded riders who can share tips and advice on all aspects of cycling & life. Whether your child is competing or simply taking part in Velodrome events for fun, Velokids help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Your child will experience 104 specialized training programs tailored to their skill level, every Friday or Saturday.  Whether they are just starting out or already have years of experience cycling on Velodromes. Our expert volunteer coaches will have exactly what your child needs! Plus With the Membership, your child will have free access to top-quality equipment rentals, including bikes and helmets designed explicitly for Velodrome use. 

What Our Community Thinks.

Forest City Velodrome is an excellent place to get better at cycling. It has produced some of the most successful cyclists for Canada on the track. The youth programs are top notch and run by knowledgeable and enthusiastic coaches.
Kids can start with VeloKids and progress to racing if they wish.

Velokids Membership,

Rob MacEwen

Staff and coaches are fantastic. Smaller track, well maintained, facility was clean. My son had a fantastic experience at VeloKids!

Melanie Milburn

Melanie Milburn

The Velo-Kids program is fantastic. It’s given “B” a place to be athletic, active, & supported. The amazing volunteer coaches are phenomenal with the kids! So many people don’t know about FCV & they should Check it out! From exciting race night to many “learn to” programs, FVC is a true gem in the community!”

Sarah Why I love Forest City Velokids membership



More than a membership, Comfortable confidence
Comfortable Confidence

At Velokids, we believe that every child should feel confident and welcome in our bike clubs and programs. Our introductory programs are designed to help you learn the basics of riding a bike, from posture and balance to handling skills and road safety. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a first-timer, we guarantee that you will feel comfortable, engaged, and inspired on every visit.

Diverse Opportunity

Lead by our track experts, we believe in offering training that is both fun and effective. Whether you’re looking to improve your strength and conditioning or increase your endurance, we’ve got a variety of classes to suit any fitness style. And best of all, these classes are included as part of most Velokids memberships, so you can try out take a wide range of different classes without having to pay anything extra.

Diverse Opportunity
Unity & Community
Unity & Community

Velokids is a unique and special community dedicated to promoting passion, inclusion, and equality in all aspects of life. Built on the unifying power of track and field, Velokids provides a supportive environment where people of all ages can come together and thrive. Whether you are an experienced athlete or simply someone who enjoys being active, Velokids offers memberships that cater to your individual needs. With our mission at the forefront of everything we do, Velokids is more than just a sports club – it is a community that believes in the power of unity and support. Join our mission today!

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