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Velokids began as a program to introduce youth to track cycling and has been a huge success. Youth from these programs have gone on to compete at Provincial and Nationals Championships as well as the Pan Am Games, World Championships, and the Olympics. Velokids has grown to engage youth in all cycling disciplines from road to track, mountain and cyclo-cross. Velokids is run by volunteers that are National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) trained coaches.

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Velokids will be 2 one hour sessions per week with a Fall and Winter program.   Please check our schedule for updates.

Properly fitting helmets are a must! Please wear either shorts or tight ankle pants and something on top that allows for free movement. Running shoes are a must unless you have cycling specific shoes and pedals. Gloves are required. 
We are a mask friendly environment!  We follow any required  mandates but our members are welcome to wear masks at any time.  Please respect everyone’s choice.   

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VeloKids Whats Next?

The next step after Velokids is a Student/Youth Membership for FCV. This will allow riders to join the more advanced Youth training sessions. Fees paid towards Velokids will be applied to a Student Membership if the rider is approved to upgrade within a program.

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FCV is open year round for riding and training sessions typically run through fall to early spring. Riding fixed gear develops leg speed and strength, and riding with others on the track develops quick reactions, powerful acceleration, and quick recovery time. Training sessions focus on drills to improve rider strength, speed, fitness, as well as tactics and bike handling skills. Whether you want to improve your sprint or your endurance, shorten your recovery time or develop quick reactions to attacks, learn to spin while out of the saddle or get comfortable working in close quarters in mass start races, the track is the place to go.