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"Track 1" Intro-Sessions - November - April "Updated"!
FCV 2014 Christmas Camp Registration
2 National Champions from the FCV
Racing kicks off at the FCV - Saturday November 29th at 7pm
Check out the Updated - FCV Programs
Elite & Masters sessions for Track Nationals
Youth Cycling - Thank You for your support
Team Ontario for 2014 Track Nationals
FCV + Domestique Cafe team up.... Coffee fundraiser!!!
FCV Bursary announcement
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"Track 1" Intro-Sessions - November - April "Updated"!

Our very popular Track 1 "Introduction to ride" sessions are being planned for the next few months. Groups welcome...... Book today as we do arrange sessions many weeks in advance.

Sunday Track 1 sessions in October - April will start at Noon. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your session to get the paperwork out of the way & your bike set up. Dress for the season and bring a helmet, gloves, arm & leg warmers, pump, and pedals, if you have them. If not, we have everything you will need. Your Track 1 session will start at Noon - 2pm, book your session today.

The next Track 1 is scheduled for....

SUNDAY November 30th ......... **COMPLETELY SOLD OUT - Noon

SUNDAY December 7th ......... 7 Riders available - Noon

SUNDAY December 14th ......... 12 Riders available - Noon

SUNDAY December 21st ......... 6 Riders available - Noon

SUNDAY January 4th...............** COMPLETELY SOLD OUT - Noon

SUNDAY January 11th............. ** COMPLETELY SOLD OUT - Noon

SUNDAY January 18th............. 12 Riders available - Noon

SUNDAY January 25th.............. 12 Riders available - Noon

SUNDAY February 1st.............. 12 Riders available - Noon

SUNDAY February 8th.............. 12 Riders available - Noon

SUNDAY February 15............... 12 Riders available - Noon

SUNDAY February 22............... 12 Riders available - Noon to book a spot for yourself or your group in the next available introductory Track 1 session.

Cost is $20.00 per person for the session plus a $10.00 bike rental fee, We do not have debit..... Cash Only. Register early......
You and your group will have a "Blast".

Track 2 & Skills sessions can be arranged for Tuesday Evenings (after the New ride session). To register for track 2 please contact Please indicate when you took your track 1 session and how much track riding you have been doing in the last few weeks.

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FCV 2014 Christmas Camp Registration

Register today...... 9th Annual FCV Christmas Camp will run from Friday December 26th - Monday December 29th.

Cost of the Christmas Camp is $100.00

New riders will begin with the U15 group to help bring your skills up to a advanced level.... call 519-897-1447, for clarification.

Bring extra under shirts to change into after each drill (warmth).... bring aero-bars you will need them for team pursuit practice. Food and water is also a very good idea to have handy.

Friday Dec 26th (Noon - 2pm U15)(2pm - 4pm U19)(4-6pm Elite & Masters)

Saturday Dec 27th (9am - 11am U15)(11pm- 1pm U19)(1-3pm Elite & Masters)

Sunday Dec 28th (9am - 11am U15)(11am- 1pm U19)(1-3pm Elite & Masters)

Monday Dec 29th (9am - 11am U15)(11am- 1pm U19)(1-3pm Elite & Masters)

Spots available - 18 spots available - Under 15 years old

Spots available - 12 spots available - Under 19 years old

Spots available - 13 spots available - Elite & Masters

To Register:

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2 National Champions from the FCV

Press Release: Vancouver British Columbia, Monday November 24 2014.

Local London Athletes Win National Championships Jersey and Medals

18 year old Sarah Mason from London, capped off a very successful National Cycling Championships in Vancouver BC on the weekend. Mason won the overall National Champion's Jersey and stepped on the top of the Championship Podium. After a grueling 6 race event, Mason dominated the final event to secure the win. In addition, Mason helped her team mate from Ottawa (Katherine Maine) to finish second in the Junior women's Category.

Mason now enters the Elite category and will participate in the Elite Canadian National Championships in Milton during the early weeks of January.

The other National Champion who trains at the FCV is Bayley Simpson. Simpson won the Junior men's category in dominating fashion. Smooth and consistent is the way the weekend unfolded for the 17 year old.

Several other London cyclists were on the podium in events at Vancouver. Ian Currie, Nick Wammes, Chris Ernst and Lucas Taylor won Silver medals in the Team Pursuit and Sprint events.

The National Championships provide an opportunity for young athletes to test their strength and speed against the best from across the country.

All of the local London athletes will be racing this weekend at the CanAmQue Challenge at the Forest City Velodrome. Racing begins at 7pm, $10.00 admission... Kids are always FREE.

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Racing kicks off at the FCV - Saturday November 29th at 7pm

The 2014 edition of the CanAmQue Challenge is shaping up to be another first rate event on the FCV racing calendar. The date has been set.... Saturday night November 29th at 7pm.

This race is made for the endurance racers out there. The Challenge is a series of elimination endurance races where you have to finish in the top 6 positions all night to advance to the next round.

There are 4x 50 lap Heat races to take the field to 24 riders for the 2 semi-final events where again you must finish in the top 6 to advance to the final. There is a Last Chance Qualifying (LCQ) race that will see the competitors who have not made the 14 rider field will be able to take the last 2 spots by winning the LCQ.

The best 14 riders will race 138 lap CanAmQue Challenge

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Check out the Updated - FCV Programs

The Forest City Velodrome is expanding our Recreational riding schedule beginning Saturday November 15th.

A new Rec Ride will begin at 11am - 1pm.

This addition will push back our Velo-Kids introductory sessions until 1pm.

Watch for other changes in the next couple of weeks.

Energized FCV Director

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Elite & Masters sessions for Track Nationals

WE are putting the final touches on additional track time for Elite & Masters racers to train at the FCV....

1st session Sunday November 16th...for Elite racers at 2pm - 5pm, other sessions to follow.

1st session Saturday November 22nd... for Masters racers at 5pm - 8pm, other sessions to follow.

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Youth Cycling - Thank You for your support

The Kallisto-FCV Youth Cycling Team would like to thank everyone for their generous donations to help the team get to Track Nationals in Vancouver.

Team Director

Cycling is an expensive sport. The Kallisto-FCV Youth Cycling team has 10 members going to the 2014 Canadian National Track Championships in Burnaby BC in November.

You can help by making a donation to help support the team that races under the FCV banner. All funds raised will go directly to the racers on the Project.

Thank you for your support.


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Team Ontario for 2014 Track Nationals

Team Ontario Selections - 2014 Canadian Track Championships in Burnaby

The Ontario Cycling Association is pleased to announce the 10 riders selected for the 2014 Canadian Track Championships to be held in Burnaby BC.

After weeks of preparation, 34 Ontario Cadets/Juniors attended an event at the Forest City Velodrome on Saturday October 18th to select the team to represent Ontario. The trials provided the athletes with the pressure required to succeed at the National Track Championships.

10 riders emerged from the trials to represent the Province of Ontario:

Cadet Girls:

Charlotte Creswicke - Tottenham

Ali van Yzendoorn - Orillia

Ruby West - Dundas

Cadet Boys:

Chris Ernst - Kitchener

Nick Wammes - Bothwell

Ian Currie - London

Junior Girls:

Katherine Maine - Ottawa

Sarah Mason - London

Junior Boys:

Connor Byway - Ottawa

Bayley Simpson - Lindsay

Congratulations to all the athletes who participated in the Trials for Track Nationals and Good Luck to all the athletes who will be competing in Burnaby, November 21st - 23rd.

Team Ontario staff:

Rob Good - Head coach

Sean Kelly - Assistant coach

Don Moxley - Assistant coach

Vince DeJong - Mechanic

Amy DeJong - Chaperone

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FCV + Domestique Cafe team up.... Coffee fundraiser!!!

The Forest City Velodrome and The Domestique Café in Dundas have partnered to offer coffee drinkers 5 Premium Blend Colombian Premium coffees.

Dark Roast * Medium & Light Blends * Decaf * Espresso

Pick your coffee up from the infield of the FCV from now until Christmas.

Your order will be delivered by mid November.

All proceeds from the coffee sales go to support the FCV Youth programs. The FCV works hard to bring the sport cycling to as many children as possible and to provide subsidies and economic support for disadvantaged children wherever possible.

ˇ All youth learn to ride sessions.

ˇ Properly sized bikes, including road bikes, are routinely supplied to children.

ˇ Youth memberships are subsidized by the FCV.

ˇ The FCV school program, where compu-bikes are brought into schools and grade 5-8 students "race" one another to introduce them to cycling and encourage them to come to a learn to ride session, is offered free to any school in the Thames Valley District.

All monies raised will go to directly benefit the kids at the FCV. It is hoped that through fund raising events such as this, we can expand the benefits to the children, especially to economically disadvantaged youths, increasing the fleet of youth-sized bikes, and supplying discounted pedals and shoes to new riders. The FCV and the kids thank you very much for your support!

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FCV Bursary announcement

The Forest City Velodrome Fundraising Committee would like to congratulate the following inaugural recipients of the FCV youth bursary!

Daniel Gregory $90

Daniel DaSilva $90

Aiden Zeversenuke $90

Andrea DaSilva $90

Chris Ernst $290

Nick Wammes $290

Charlotte Creswick $290

Kassandra Kriarakis $290

Lucas Taylor $290

Farleigh Creswick $290

Clare Holton $400

Ian Currie $400

Bayley Simpson $600

Cameron Mason $600

Sarah Mason $600

The FCV bursary was created to assist in offsetting the cost of higher level races for FCV members who are cycling for our junior or development teams.

During the 2014 racing season the cyclists above competed in Killington Vt UCI race, Road Nationals, Rimouski, Abitibi, Jr World Track Championships and the Ontario Summer Games.

Track Nationals also qualifies but due to the delay, funds will be distributed for that at a later date.

The FCV Bursary Policy is attached, feel free to contact either Janet or Kathleen if you have any questions.

Fundraising will begin for the 2015 racing season shortly. Donations and ideas are welcome!

Thanks to everyone for your support!!

Fundraising Committee Co-Chairs

Janet Mason ( & Kathleen Gregory (

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